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Data LifeCycle Management Method Research Based on Traceability Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.002


Zhihua Cheng, Lingchao Gao, Zhouchun Lei, Zhenyu Chen, Xiangzhou Chen, Jiakai Wang, Jiasong Sun

Corresponding Author

Zhihua Cheng


Manual management is the bottleneck of data asset sorting. The traceability has been one of the important contents in the data center construction. The relationship between traceability tables was found manually and data inconsistency is easy to occur in existing systems. This paper proposes the data Traceability Method for power-grid data resource life cycle management. This vectored compressed data traceability method achieves accurate traceability with low computational cost by constructing an inverse function, which can record the changes of data in the whole life cycle and identify multiple sources. The traceability performance test on the existing data of data center shows that the method is robust to the volume and layer changes of data, and the traceability time meets the practical application requirements. Compared with other data traceability technologies, this method is more suitable for life cycle management of large-scale business data in power grid industry.


Data Traceability, Whole Life Cycle Management, Compression Traceability, Data Asset Carding