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Research on the Combination of Non-binary LDPC Code with OFDM and OVXDM System

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.001


Zhang Fan, Tu De-feng

Corresponding Author

Zhang Fan


Compared with the binary LDPC code, the multi-domain LDPC code can improve the error-correcting performance by choosing the non-zero element to increase the column weight of the equivalent binary LDPC code under the condition that the binary diagram structure of the binary LDPC code with the equivalent code length remains unchanged. When the channel is in deep fading, if channel coding and interweaving technology are applied to OFDM and OVXDM systems, these sudden errors can be corrected and the performance of the system can be further improved. On the basis of introducing the excellent characteristics of OFDM, OVCDM and OVTDM, the author tries to build a system model that combines the multi-domain LDPC code with these technologies, and tries to make an in-depth study on data transmission and coding.


Non-binary LDPC Code, OFDM, OVCDM, OVTDM