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A Study on the Construction and Development Path of Library Participation in Internet + Cultural Union

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.204


Xiaohui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Zhang


With the rapid development of China's economy, China has ushered in the development of the information age, the Internet has gradually integrated into all aspects of people's lives, and has made corresponding achievements. As for libraries, we should also actively introduce Internet culture, build the development path of Internet +, ensure cultural propaganda, scientific evolution, and realize library renewal under high technology. But at present, most libraries in our country have some difficulties in the application of the Internet, the development mode of the library is relatively single, and lack of certain practical operation, library technology and management in the realization of some difficulties. Below will focus on library participation in the Internet + culture alliance construction and development path research.


Library, Internet, Cultural Union, Construction and Development, Policy and Strategy