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Translation of Chinese English News under the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication and Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.196


Zhu Min

Corresponding Author

Zhu Min


With the strengthening of the trend of world economic integration, the ties of various countries are becoming more and more close, and the scale and frequency of cooperation between China and English-speaking countries have also increased significantly. In such a large context, for enterprise development and national security considerations, timely understanding of the information of various countries has a prominent value. From the reality analysis, the fastest way to understand the information is to listen to the news, but the news of English-speaking countries is broadcast in English, so to understand the domestic audience, we need to translate it. Because there are cultural differences in countries in different regions, so the language expression has its own characteristics, in the process of English translation, need to do special treatment based on cultural differences, so that translation will be more accurate. This paper analyzes the translation of Chinese English news under the view of cross-cultural communication and communication in order to provide help and guidance for practical work.


Cross-cultural Communication, Chinese English News, Translation