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Analysis on the Protection and Development Strategy of White Pants Yao Clothing Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.194


Sanyan Huang

Corresponding Author

Sanyan Huang


The study of national culture is of great significance to the protection and development of national culture, so it is necessary to carry out the research work of national culture actively. Yao is one of the ethnic minorities in our country, its cultural connotation is rich, in-depth study and explore the content of yao culture, the construction of a perfect yao culture system, which has a positive significance to enrich the cultural connotation of our country, white yao is an important branch of yao, its outstanding characteristics are in the aspect of dress culture, so it is of great practical significance to analyze and discuss the cultural protection and development of white yao clothing culture from the perspective of white yao. The article summarizes and analyzes the current situation of the protection of white pants Yao clothing culture, discusses its defects and shortcomings, and discusses the protection and development of culture based on social development, aiming at providing help and guidance for practical work.


White Pants Yao, Clothing Culture, Protection, Development, Strategy