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The Long-Term Mechanism Construction and the Way Choice of College Enrollment Propaganda

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.192


Wei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhao


With the rapid development of our economy, the education industry is gradually improving the rapid development of higher education enrollment in colleges and universities, large-scale expansion of enrollment in colleges and universities in China, large-scale expansion of enrollment is bound to make the competition of students more intense, in order to attract high-quality students, colleges and universities need to pay attention to the establishment of long-term publicity mechanism, improve the efficiency of propaganda work, highlight the publicity effect, and need to standardize the propaganda content according to the publicity requirements, ensure the role of college enrollment in the long-term publicity mechanism to improve the efficiency of colleges and universities to recruit more high-quality students.


Colleges and Universities, Enrollment Publicity Work, Long-Term Mechanism, Approach