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The Choreography and Choreography of Dance Cheerleading From the Aesthetic Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.182


Linna Hua

Corresponding Author

Linna Hua


Dance is a great art, dance is related to beauty, so dancers should also show the beauty and expressiveness of dance itself when carrying out performance activities such as dance cheerleading, and pay attention to the proper arrangement and combination of movements and music, so that the dance can be more touching. From the aesthetic point of view, the beauty of dance needs to be presented through action, and the dancer shows the rhythm of life through a series of coordinated movements after choreography. Dance cheerleading is used in competitions and other activities, so dancers need to perform the dance cheerleading process, full of joy, and driven by music to achieve better performance.


Choreography, Aesthetic Perspective, Cheerleading Movements, Music Background, Impact Analysis