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The Theory of Intertextuality and the Subjectivity of Chinese Translators in Literary Translation Based on Stylistic Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.180


Xiyao Hong, Danting Luo

Corresponding Author

Xiyao Hong


Cultural image translation is very important in the translation of literary works. Under the guidance of the concept of intertextualization, the expression of cultural image is an important allusion and prototype in history. It can be seen that the cultural image should be reflected in the translation in the process of literary works, and then it can effectively express the profound and cultural connotation of literary works. Through the analysis of the article can understand that in the process of translation, the text should convey the meaning of the text to the reader, and show the philosophical meaning. In order to show the intertextuality in literary works in the process of translation, the translator's main body should position his role in the three different roles of reader, translator's link and translator's author.


Intertextuality, Cultural Imagery, Mode of Thinking