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Garden Art on the Silk Road

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.179


Zhe Li

Corresponding Author

Zhe Li


With The Conception of Belt and Road Strategy for China Contemporary Garden Art Design Bring it More perspective, Understanding Silk Road Culture The essence, add its essence part in the garden art construction, ability Show the atmosphere of humanities and art in our country, of course, through Exploring the Silk Road, Using the Essence of Silk Road to Construct Garden Economy, Promote China's Social Construction and Development, more adoption Garden art, understand our country's silk road culture, understand the silk road culture behind, have the unique flavor of China. This article will Adoption Exploring the Silk Culture, To Our Country Gardens To explore the shortcomings of art with a view to Building for the community Continuous efforts to make our country Garden construction More complete.


Silk Road, Garden Art, Construction Scheme