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Creation and Development of Watercolor Painting under Regional Cultural Background

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.178


Bin Wu

Corresponding Author

Bin Wu


The most incredible thing in today's society is that there is no traditional culture, and what does not exist is the tradition without culture. For the creation of watercolor painting in our country, it is very difficult to embody the cultural form of the whole nation without the performance and convergence of various regional cultures. The development of today's society has greatly changed people's living environment and aesthetic concept, and in the case of gradually reducing the diversity of cultural forms and regional differences in cultural forms, the resulting watercolor painting is about to face new challenges. In the process of examining and expressing the characteristics of regional environment in a specific cultural background, we can ensure that paintings with certain personality styles can be formed effectively. As one of the ancient and modern types of watercolor painting, in order to ensure the effective search for revival and development opportunities, it is necessary to fully recognize the regional and cultural nature, and then make a positive choice of the new style of growth and watercolor context, in order to promote the new development of watercolor painting.


Regional Cultural Background, Watercolor Painting, Creation, Development