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Practice of Cultural Construction of Regional Shared Nursing Training Base

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.177


Ding Lan, Juan Xiao

Corresponding Author

Ding Lan


With the continuous development of medical treatment in China, nursing as an important content in the field of medical and health has been widely concerned by the society. How to improve the practical training level of nursing students has also become the key in nursing teaching. Under the guidance of the concept of regional sharing, nursing training base has become an important channel to improve the knowledge and skills of nursing students. Strengthening the cultural construction of training base under the mode of regional sharing can better supplement the process of nursing education, improve the professional quality of nursing students, and make positive contributions to the training of high-quality nursing talents. Through the research on the practice way of the cultural construction of the regional shared nursing training base, this paper aims at scientifically and reasonably allocating the educational resources and improving the social adaptability of the vocational education.


Regional Sharing, Nursing, Training Base, Cultural Construction