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The Enlightenment of Jiangsu Republic Monument to Modern Environmental Design

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.172


Wenguang Wang, Gexuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenguang Wang


Modern art combined with traditional culture is the necessary development direction of modern environmental design. In the new era, in order to better integrate cultural elements in modern design and present new directions and characteristics. We must have a good understanding of traditional culture. Traditional inscription culture has a detailed record of past social development. The modern environmental design must be based on inscriptions for reflection and improvement. This requires designers to look at it with a modern aesthetic perspective. Many designers have done a lot of research and analysis. In view of this situation, this paper analyzes the inscription of Jiangsu Republic. At the same time, the author discusses the importance of traditional culture to modern art design and discusses the enlightenment of modern environmental design.


Modern Design, Environmental Design, Jiangsu Republic of China Inscription, Traditional Elements, Inscription Culture