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A Study of Chinese Elements in Japanese Han Poetry During the Wushan Period

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.170


Xiaorong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xiaorong Jiang


The introduction of Zen from China to Japan has a great influence on the literature, art and aesthetics of Japanese culture. As an important part of the history of Japanese Han literature, Wuhan literature has an inseparable origin with Zen. Chinese poems created by Buddhist monks in Wushan embody the infiltration and integration of Zen philosophy in literature. The shadow of Zen can be seen in Zen works. As a representative posture of Zen monks in Wushan era, Chinese poetry explains the subtle and far-reaching significance of Zen monks' Zen through the pattern of Chinese poetry, so as to understand the emptiness and far-reaching significance of Zen.


Wushan, Chinese Poetry, Chinese Elements