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The Revival and Transcendence of Chinese Sports Culture Value in the Era of Globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.160


Ge Ri Le Tu

Corresponding Author

Ge Ri Le Tu


Culture is an important driving force for a nation to develop continuously, and it is also an important magic weapon to benefit the world, so it is necessary to emphasize the construction of culture and attach importance to the development and inheritance of culture. According to the concrete analysis of our country, Chinese culture has a long history and rich connotation, among which more contents play an important role in today's society. Chinese sports culture is an important part of chinese culture, showing fresh vitality in the development of cultural diversity, and it also plays an important role in the development of sports in our country. Therefore, analyzing the value of sports culture in our country and analyzing its rejuvenation and development under the background of globalization can realize the sustained progress of sports culture in our country. In a word, the article studies the revival and transcendence of Chinese sports culture value in the era of globalization, and aims to provide guidance and help for the construction of sports culture today.


Chinese Sports Culture Value, Globalization, Revival, Beyond