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Study on Optimal Control of Mixed Traffic in Area

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.156


Zhizhong Xiao

Corresponding Author

Zhizhong Xiao


With the rapid development of Windows graphical user interface and the wide application of multimedia technology, the system is required to have high-speed graphics processing and I/O throughput, which makes the original ISA, EISA bus far unable to adapt and become the main bottleneck of the whole system. To this end, in the second half of 1991, Intel first proposed PCI concept, and in conjunction with IBM, Compaq, AST, HP Apple, NCR, DEC and other more than 100 companies colluded with the development of computer bus, established PCI Group. This paper mainly analyzes the control optimization of mixed traffic in CPCI area, introduces the characteristics of PCI bus and bus signal, and puts forward the specific control countermeasures and optimization methods of mixed traffic, hoping to play some reference role for relevant staff..


CPCI Region, Mixed Traffic, Control Optimization