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Plant Landscape Art Hand in Landscape Greening Design of Tibetan and Qiang Villages under Rural Revitalization Law

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.151


Xueyang Li, Xiaozhao Cao

Corresponding Author

Xiaozhao Cao


Rural revitalization is an important strategy for the construction of new countryside in our country at present. It has promoted the rapid development of rural areas in all aspects and realized the benign improvement of the living environment in minority areas. This paper discusses the art technique of plant landscaping in the landscape design of the minority zangqiang village under the background of rural rejuvenation, which embodies the characteristics of local ethnic greening and demonstrates the confidence and determination of local new rural construction..


Rural Revitalization, Tibetan Qiang Village, Landscape Greening Construction, Plant Landscape Art Techniques, Scenic Spots