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Inheritance and Protection of Naadam Culture from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.146


Xiaodan Qi

Corresponding Author

Xiaodan Qi


Naadam is a traditional folk activity that occurs, develops and evolves in Mongolian nomadic production and life. Studying the "Naadam" sports culture, developing the "Naadam" cultural industry, exploring the value and significance of the "Naadam" sports culture from the perspective of protection and inheritance, so that the "Naadam" sports culture can be reasonably protected and inherited. In ancient times, "Naadam" was an important means to maintain peace for the Mongolian nationality. Modern "Naadam" is the interpretation of the Mongolian sports function and values. Therefore, the protection of Naadam is actually the protection of the overall cultural space for its survival and continuation. Naadam depends on the specific ecological environment of grassland and is related to the entire grassland culture. Grassland ecological environment is the foundation and condition of Naadam's emergence, existence and existence.


Naadam, Mongolian Nationality, Inheritance and Protection