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A Study on the Changes in Modern Chinese History

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.142


Zuo Ping

Corresponding Author

Zuo Ping


Chinese history has a long history, so many historians still study chinese history according to all kinds of historical materials and literary records, understand the development course of chinese culture, economy, politics, diplomacy and so on in history, draw the essence from history, sum up the past, and provide valuable experience for the modernization development of our country. Among them, the modern history of China is regarded by researchers as the history of the Chinese nation's struggle against imperialism and feudalism and the struggle for modernization, and many researchers have compiled the results into books for people to understand and learn from. This paper will analyze the changing academic combing and teaching research in the modern history of China.


Modern History, Change of Wind and Clouds, Academic Combing, Teaching