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Research on New Media Animation Foundation and Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.136


Lai Xinya

Corresponding Author

Lai Xinya


New media is the communication form of using digital technology, with the help of computer network, wireless communication and other channels, and with the help of computer, mobile phone, digital television and other terminals to provide users with a number of entertainment services, which has the advantages of interactivity, innovation and convenience. New media are corresponding to traditional media. Animation is an artistic existence, a multi-form art display, but also a special form of art. New media animation is to combine the advantages of new media with animation to carry out a new display. In the era of digital information, the development of digital media has laid the foundation of animation design industry to a large extent and created many convenient conditions. This paper mainly describes the creative basis of new media animation and the innovative research on creation.


Animation Design New Media, Animation Basic, Digital Technology