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Research on Investigation Strategy of Telecom Fraud Crime in Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.134


Ding Jianwei

Corresponding Author

Ding Jianwei


In recent years, the development of communication industry is speeding up. More and more non-contact telecommunication frauds are used in various means of communication and online payment technology, which brings people a lot of troubles. This kind of case is mostly committed in a cross provincial way, involving a very wide range, the object is not fixed, so it is very difficult to solve the case. The crime of telecommunication fraud covers a wide range, has a bad influence on the society, and has difficulties in investigation. In view of the difficulties in the investigation of telecommunication fraud cases, it is very necessary to make full use of big data technology. Taking the telecommunication industry as the focus of investigation, this paper proposes investigation strategies by analyzing the big data technology used in telecommunication data. This paper focuses on the investigation strategy of Telecom fraud cases under the background of big data.


Big Data Technology, Telecommunication Fraud, Criminal Case, Investigation, Strategy