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Research on the Innovation of Public Security News and Publicity in the Media Convergence

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.133


Wang Yongqiang, Zhang Na

Corresponding Author

Wang Yongqiang


With the application of information technology in all fields of society, the media field has opened up a new situation. As a new type of media mode, melt media has changed the situation of separation of traditional media and improved the efficiency of media communication. Public security news propaganda can rely on the advantages of melt media, break the limitation of traditional media in content, form and channel, and give new life to public security news communication in the era of melt media through the means of digitization. Through the research on the innovative ways of public security news propaganda work under the background of media integration, this paper aims to improve the public security news propaganda mode, realize the innovation and optimization of news propaganda service, and improve the social cognition level of public security news propaganda.


Melt Media, Public Security News, Propaganda Work, Innovation