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A Study on the Connotation Development of Confucius Institutes in Thailand from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.123


Shen Yi, Sun Sixian

Corresponding Author

Shen Yi


As an institution to spread chinese culture transnationally, the confucius institute takes the development direction of inheriting and carrying forward confucius thought, besides, it also undertakes the task of teaching chinese. In Thailand, Confucius Institutes were established earlier than in other countries, and Chinese was more widely used than in other countries. This development situation is undoubtedly of reference to the construction of Confucius Institutes in the world and the development of other cross-cultural undertakings in China. Based on the development of Confucius Institute in Thailand, this paper analyzes the development defects and optimization strategies of Confucius Institute in cross-cultural context.


Cross-cultural, Thailand, Confucius Institute, Connotation Development