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The Innovation and Improvement Path of College Students' Ideological and Political Ideas in the Micro Media Age

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.115


Zhang Huixin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Huixin


In recent years, the development of network information technology has reached an unprecedented speed of development. In fact, the information age has come, the era of micro-media has also come, all kinds of media appear in people's lives, especially for college students. College students are the reserve army and the main beneficiaries of micromedia, which is enriching the ideological and political knowledge of college students with a new type of educational idea and way. This paper will discuss the innovation and improvement of the ideological and political ideas of college students in the era of micromedia, and promote its further development.


Micromedia Age, College Students, Ideological and Political Ideas, Innovation, Improvement Path