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Research on the Innovative Path of Popularization of Marxism in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.112


Liu Tong

Corresponding Author

Liu Tong


With the rapid development of the times, the media of all kinds of information become various. Innovative communication tools, different communication sites and unique communication methods make people more convenient and quick to obtain information. Marxist philosophy is the guiding ideology of China's rapid development. China follows the guiding ideology of Marxism and has been developing and advancing rapidly. With the arrival of the new era, Marxist philosophy has entered a new stage of development. Marxism popularization is the pursuit and yearning of the Communist Party of China since the founding of the Party. Under the background of the new era, it brings new ways and means to spread Marxism and brings new problems. We should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the popularization of Marxist theory in the new era, effectively apply the favorable conditions of the new era, and speed up the process of popularizing Marxist philosophy.


New Era, Marxism, Popular Path