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Cultural Exchange and Collaborative Development in Countries Along the Route under the "Belt and Road" Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.111


Fang Yubo

Corresponding Author

Fang Yubo


The important driving force of inter-state relations is humanistic communication, and the key point in the process of international communication is also humanistic communication. The Party Central Committee, with Xi Jinping as its general secretary, based on the changing domestic and international environment and based on the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's Chinese Dream, put forward the strategic concept of strategically surrounding and connecting the world as "Belt and Road ". The strategic conception of "Belt and Road" better supports the further improvement of China's opening-up level with a broader strategic platform, promotes the effective formation of a new pattern of regional cooperation, realizes the effective construction of a new model of regional cooperation with the outside world, better guides the development of regional cooperation, and consolidates the long-term development of our country and the foundation of sustained economic growth.


Under the "Belt and Road" Initiative, Countries Along the Route, Humanities Exchange, Writing Development