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A Comparative Study of Folk Songs in the Countries and Regions Along the Route

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.108


Wanyin Jia

Corresponding Author

Wanyin Jia


Along with the constant implementation of the policy of "one belt" and the expansion of economic development and trade cooperation, the cultural differences between the countries and regions along the belt have become increasingly prominent. As the best opportunity for the integration of regional culture and art, with the help of the development strategy of one belt, the integration and cultural blending of folk song art is also very important. National music is a kind of cultural product with strong national characteristics and creativity. It can strengthen cultural blending with all the countries and regions along the route. Its difference is an important carrier to realize our national art and national cultural heritage and deepen cooperation in many countries. This article first describes the relationship between the "one belt" and the folk music songs, and then compares the folk songs between the countries along the route along the route.


Along the Way, Along the Countries and Regions, Ethnic Songs, Comparative Study