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The Expressive Study of Chinese Traditional Patterns on Modern Utensils

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.105


Jin Li

Corresponding Author

Jin Li


The traditional combination of Chinese traditional design and modern design not only embodies the charm of traditional art and culture but also reflects the uniqueness of modern design. With the development of society, the evolution of science is also evolving. As an art form, the traditional graphic has its own order and law, the most prominent of which is the symbolic features. Graphics originated from painting, its timeliness in the process of information transmission is also much more direct than the text information. In ancient times, people had understood how to integrate their own notions of consciousness into abstracted graphics to express rich meanings. Under this basis, this paper integrates the data mining models to present the novel design pattern that will promote the further development of the related industries.


Traditional pattern, Modern, Utensils, Performance, Research