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An Analysis of the Function of the Artistic Characteristics of the Original Red Songs in the Development of Jiangxi Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.102


Quan Wen, Fuqiang Yuan

Corresponding Author

Fuqiang Yuan


The influence of original red songs on the construction of Jiangxi community culture is positive and profound. Red song culture is a unique cultural form of the Chinese nation. In China, which has a civilization of more than 5,000 years, it has rich and profound connotation although it has only a hundred years from its origin to its development. Red song culture, with its nationality, artistry and revolution, expresses the Chinese people's spirit of optimism and ceaseless self-improvement, reflects the spiritual pursuit and values of Chinese children, and becomes an indispensable cultural form for contemporary people to interpret the history of Chinese revolution and construction. Jiangxi Red Songs are folk songs created or adapted from traditional Hakka folk songs. Some of the songs are due to the development of the Central Soviet Area culture, which has driven foreign folk minors, so they quickly sang among the workers and peasants. While appreciating the artistic charm of the Red Song, we must also deeply explore its rich ideological connotation and spiritual essence in combination with the background of the time, so that the “red blood” of advanced culture has a long history and is endless.


Original red song, Jiangxi culture, Artistic characteristics, Function