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Research on Chinese Traditional Folk Paper-Cut Art and Modern Graphic Design Based on Creative Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.098


Baoyang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Baoyang Zhao


Chinese traditional folk paper-cut has a long history of development. It is a folk art. Chinese traditional folk paper-cut art is an important part of Chinese folk culture. Traditional folk paper-cut art has many characteristics of modern art. Integrating traditional folk paper-cut art into modern graphic design will enrich the expression methods of modern graphic design, stimulate the inspiration of modern graphic design, deepen the connotation and inside information of modern graphic design, and thus promote the development of modern graphic design. Based on creative thinking, this paper studies how to combine traditional folk paper-cut art with modern graphic design so as to make more people realize the charm of traditional folk paper-cut.


Creative thinking, Traditional folk paper-cut art, Modern graphic design