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Talking about the Functions and Functions of Sound in Film and Television Post-Production

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.094


Shaohan Jiang, Yan Liu

Corresponding Author

Shaohan Jiang


Voice in film and television works consists of human voice, music and sound. Only by coordinating the relationship among the three elements can a complete and harmonious artistic auditory world be formed. It not only can simply explain rich pictures, but also can effectively accumulate energy for pictures, transfer emotions, colors, depict characters' inner world and control rhythm. With the rapid development of network technology, post-production technology has ushered in a new development. The use of high-end special effects technology has become a trend in the development and production of film and television works. Therefore, it is necessary to study the application of post-production in film and television works.


Voice, Music, Sound, Functions, Post-production of film and television