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Analysis of the Influence of Bel Canto's Dissemination on China's National Vocal Music

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.091


Wang Yeman

Corresponding Author

Wang Yeman


Bel Canto, as a heterogeneous culture, has been spread and developed in the mutual collision and integration with Chinese traditional culture. Bel Canto not only improves our understanding of western culture, but also actively promotes the development of vocal music education in China. It also plays a positive role in the formation of modern national vocal music school and the creation of vocal music works. Bel Canto has great advantages in singing skills, connection between vocalizations and emotional resonance. If we want to enrich the connotation of our national vocal music works, expand its performance space, and promote the integration of Bel Canto and our vocal music art, we must deeply explore the characteristics of bel canto, as well as its convergence with our vocal music art. This paper analyzes the influence of the spread of Bel Canto on the national vocal music in China. By organically integrating the bel canto and the national vocal music, a new form of expression and singing method of the national vocal music is constructed, so as to continuously promote the development of the national vocal music in China.


Bel canto, National vocal music, Fusion