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Which Factors Influence Their Loyalty?

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.087


Suchuan Ma, Wenwen Liu, Jiangyan Fan

Corresponding Author

Suchuan Ma


[Purpose/ Significance] The reform of the size, structure and composition of the armed forces will bring about the problem of changing the identity of the soldiers in active service. Taking teachers in military academies as an example, according to the theories of identity, social roles, and labour transformation, this paper analyzes the historical evolution of their identity transformation. The particularity of this identity transformation is demonstrated through data analysis of the ten-year construction of the civilian personnel system in military academies.[Method/ Process] The data includes two parts. The survey data is from “Analysis on The Process and Mechanism of Party Identification Formation“. In addition to it, the depth interview and focus group are conducted to understand their concerns in details. The binary logistic regression model is used here to test hypotheses.[Result/ Conclusion] Faced with the trend of "civilian personnel in non-combat establishment",this paper puts forward the present situation and challenges of constructing the “civilian“ identity for teachers in military academies.


Loyalty, Identity, Social roles, Labour transformation