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Research on Graphic Creativity in Creative Thinking Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.082


Hanli Liu

Corresponding Author

Hanli Liu


With the development and progress of the times, various means of modern graphic design have changed and updated. Modern graphics are not simply symbols and logos, but a form of decorative art and emotion. By making changes on the basis of traditional visual design theory, we will conduct in-depth explorations on the basis of people's visual experience, behavioral habits, and psychological feelings. Graphic creativity is a very important part in modern art design. It has its own special nature and composition. Through creative graphic design, it can effectively attract everyone's attention and let more people watch it. This article explores graphic creativity under creative thinking mode on the basis of modern graphic design theory, and further generates positive promotion and guidance for modern graphic design.


Creative thinking mode, Graphic creativity, Graphic design