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A Study on the Knowledge Map of Beijing City Image

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.072


Yang Dong

Corresponding Author

Yang Dong


This present paper examines the relevant Chinese and international literature on Image of Beijing from the perspective of bibliometrics. After conducting the research, the author finds that the existing literature is not perfectly in line with strategic positioning of Beijing’s Four Centers (also known as Political Center, Cultural Center, International Exchange Center, Science and Technology Innovation Center), capital city of China and old downtown area and is lagging behind to a certain degree. Research dimensions of the existing literature are scattered and diversified with no clear sign of logical research approaches. The corresponding researchers are conducting researches or surveys on their own, failing to form a distinct research theme and a unified research framework. Against this background, the study of Beijing’s city image needs to build a three-dimensional research model with multi-country/regions, multi-lingual, multi-channel characteristics.


Beijing image, Bibliometrics, Knowledge maps, Future research orientation