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A Study on the Correlation between Psychological Predictors of Fitness Exercise and Sports Injury of Students Majoring in Fitness in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.071


Xiaolei Cheng

Corresponding Author

Xiaolei Cheng


This paper makes an investigation and analysis on the sports injury of college students in higher vocational colleges. The results showed that there were professional, grade and gender differences in the incidence of sports injury; the majority of injuries were ankle and wrist; gymnastics and ball, followed by track and field; the degree of injury was mainly mild injury and moderate injury; the cause of injury was supplemented by other causes. According to the characteristics, laws and causes of sports injury, the corresponding preventive measures are put forward. Among the Psychological Predictive factors of Fitness exercise for students majoring in Fitness in higher vocational education, there is a negative correlation between risk cognition and the incidence of injury. However, there was no significant positive or negative correlation between motor ability judgment and the incidence of injury. Overestimation of exercise ability and underestimation of exercise ability may increase the incidence of injury in fitness exercise.


Psychological predictors of fitness exercise, Sports injury, Fitness in higher vocational education