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Research on Social Organizations' Participation in Community Elderly Care Services under Welfare Pluralism --Empirical Research Based on Changsha

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.070


Yang Bai, Jingwei Zhang, Wei Guo, Jinrong Yang

Corresponding Author

Yang Bai


At present, China has stepped into an aging society. Therefore, the new era has put forward the requirements of “ elderly care, elderly support, elderly entertainment, and elderly security”. However, the current elderly care system cannot meet these requirements, and the traditional way of elderly care presents a series of deficiencies in the new situation. Based on the analysis of current ways of elderly care, this article combines the typical cases of several communities in Changsha of Hunan province to study the current obstacles faced by the elderly care. Moreover, based on domestic and foreign research, from the perspective of five subjects (government, social organizations, enterprises, volunteers, and community residents), the paper puts forward integrated countermeasures for the path of China's pluralist supply subjects to participate in community elderly care services.


Population aging, Community elderly care service, Pluralist subjects, Changsha