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Research on the Media Mobilization Model of Environmental Ngos

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.068


Xita A

Corresponding Author

Xita A


Environmental NGOs establish direct interactive relationships with audiences via accurate selection, content delivering and publicity methods in the media-based approaches. And an environmental protection network system is thus established with extensive social attention and support utilizing media. That is to say, media is now serving as the liaison of giving the mobilization function of disseminating environmental protection concepts, raising environmental awareness, and constructing social environmental issues. And how to turn the concept of environmental protection into environmental protection practices is the last move of environmental protection. Under this background, this paper takes the 100 million suosuo project initiated by Alxa SEE public welfare organization as the research object, and proposes a mutual stimulation model of ideas and actions based on its rich media mobilization strategy and communication activities, to solve the issue of last mile among environmental protection.


Engos, Media mobilization, Social participation