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Research on Collar of Western Regions

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.067


Gao Yan

Corresponding Author

Gao Yan


Due to their special geographical environment, production and life style, the ancient western regions shaped their traditional culture of attaching importance to collars. The Kizil Grottoes have preserved the remains of some religious and secular collars. Looking at the appearance, the collars in the murals are divided into five types: closed type, unclosed type, jewelry type, multi-picture parallel type and alignment tassel type. The collars of secular people are separated from the wreaths by imitating Bodhisattva's necklaces. Their styles have local artistic flavor and national style. It is of far-reaching significance to explore the style and culture of Kezil's collar with the unearthed and mural remains as the object, to the origin of the ancient western region's collar culture and to restore the local residents' aesthetic consciousness and customs.


Western regions, Kizil, Collar, Culture