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Window to East and West: Decoration and Furniture for Macao Residences

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.065


Kaiqing Tang

Corresponding Author

Kaiqing Tang


The Lingnan regional cultural character of “compatibility”, “open innovation”, “respect for reality”, and “practice for the world” has created a unique lifestyle and ideology for the Chinese in Macau. The interior decoration and furniture design of the Chinese Macao, which has always been based on Lingnan culture, can calmly cope with the impact of multiculturalism in different periods. Aesthetic concepts and functional needs in different times. The interior and furniture design of the native Portuguese in Macao is a “transplantation” of Western styles, and its evolution has basically coincided with that in Europe, reflecting the deep-rooted influence of Western religions and culture on the Portuguese in Macau. Under the influence of the local culture of Macao, this kind of “transplantation” also showed some passive “alienation” and gradually formed a unique “Macao style”. In addition, the Portuguese house will use Chinese-style utensils as furnishings and decoration. This active juxtaposition of utensils reflects the Portuguese's recognition of multiculturalism and achieves Macau's unique urban culture.


The decoration and furniture, Macao residences, Decoration design