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Diversity: Macau Design and Urban Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.064


Kaiqing Tang

Corresponding Author

Kaiqing Tang


Design is the material carrier of culture, and cultural factors such as values, spiritual aspirations, and lifestyle are the internal causes of its formation. The earliest design art in Macao can be traced back thousands of years. It began to evolve at the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures. With the Portuguese entering Huawei, it has experienced collision, communication, integration and symbiosis. The process of cultural evolution of construction is basically the same. Macao design is not limited by the influence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. In fact, it is too simple to classify it based on the region of nationality or the change of government. This chapter starts from the characterization and connotation of Macao design and divides its multicultural factors: Han culture the foundation of Lingnan culture, the dominance of religious culture, the coexistence of colonial culture, the promotion of commercial culture, and the choice in the context of cultural globalization.


Macau city culture, Urban design, Diversity culture he paper must have at least one keyword