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Cultural Interpretation of Doris Lessing's Novels

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.060


Yan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhou


In the 20th-century literary world, Doris Lessing is a prolific, multi-issue, multi-form novelist, and few people can match her. Lessing's creative issues spanned those of apartheid and colonialism, the Cold War and left-wing politics between the United States and the Soviet Union, environmental pollution and ecological criticism, feminism and gender struggle, the fantasy of the society and the crisis of civilization, and youth education and violence. Lessing was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at the age of 86 and was highly recognized by the literary world. From the perspective of feminism and realistic criticism, this paper analyzes the disclosure and criticism of the irrational system of human society in Lessing's works, and interprets Lessing's criticism of human attempts to conquer nature and deliberately destroy the natural environment, and call on women to be aware of their own social roles. It also helps reveal that people should be friendly and grateful and that men and women should live in harmony with sound personality.


Doris lessing, Feminism, Realistic criticism, Ecological thought