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Analysis of “Fengqiao Experience” Giving Full Play to the Role of Rule of Law in Grassroots Social Governance

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.059


Zhang Hao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hao


In recent years, “Fengqiao Experience” has become a banner in the grass-roots social governance work in our country. It reflects the best style of grass-roots governance with Chinese characteristics and the practical value of implementing the strategic deployment of “comprehensively governing the country according to law”. Therefore, any measures that can give full play to the value of “Fengqiao experience” are worth promoting in the grass-roots social governance work. For this reason, this paper makes a systematic study on the role of Fengqiao Experience in grass-roots social governance and the specific ways to achieve it, hoping to comprehensively promote the overall sinking of the rule of law in China with the help of Fengqiao Experience, and promote the establishment and implementation of democratic mechanism and diversified conflict resolution mechanism.


Fengqiao experience, Grass roots social governance, Role play