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Research on Influencing Factors of Artistic Creation of Fine Arts and Paintings Based on Cultural Inheritance

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.051


Shi Xiaonan, Tian Jianping

Corresponding Author

Tian Jianping


In China's traditional culture, there are various artistic forms, and painting culture is an important part of many traditional cultures. As an artistic activity, painting creation requires the creator to give full play to his inspiration and create excellent works. The application of flexible art creation techniques and the excavation of its creation factors have become the development direction of modern painting art. Artists are inevitably affected by various factors in the process of artistic painting creation, which puts forward higher requirements for artists' artistic accomplishment and cultural connotation. In the teaching of art design based on the inheritance of painting culture, we can integrate the two concepts, and then promote the output of painting culture and the training and improvement of students' painting ability. This paper describes the process of painting creation, reveals the important connection between inspiration and imagination, and analyzes the conception process and influencing factors of painting creation.


Traditional culture, Painting, Influencing factors, Inheritance