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On the Evolution of Aesthetic Taste from Novel to Tv Play in “Bring Your Smile Along”

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.048


Chen Zhen

Corresponding Author

Chen Zhen


Movie and TV art uses audio-visual to express objects, acts on the senses of the appreciators, and presents a specific artistic image to the readers. Literature and art, with the help of language, give readers an infinite and broad imagination space. Because of the indirect and open aesthetic characteristics of artistic images in literary works, there is a lot of room for film and television adaptation. However, both literary and film and television works are designed to cultivate the aesthetic sentiment of the audience and enrich people's spiritual life. Mr. Zhang Henshui is known as a master of popular novels. His works are deeply loved by the general people. In this paper, through the comparative analysis of Mr. Henshui's novel bring your smile along and the adapted TV series bring your smile along, we can see the aesthetic difference between the novel and the adapted TV series from the aspects of plot, character image and theme.


Novels, Bring your smile along, Tv adaptation, Aesthetic taste