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Analysis of New Changes in Contemporary American Democracy

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.040


Peng Cheng, Wang Xiaoxue, Zhou Zheng

Corresponding Author

Peng Cheng


With the continuous changes in the current international situation, new changes have taken place in the traditional democratic thoughts in the United States. Especially since Donald Trump took office as President, the revival of populism, the emergence of anti-globalization thoughts, and the phenomenon of political polarization have been evolving. It has a certain influence on the development of democratic politics in the United States. Under these influences, how to take more effective measures to promote the continuous development of the United States as a whole in the new development and changes of democracy in the United States has become an important phenomenon topic for contemporary political scientists to discuss and study. In view of this, this article makes an in-depth study and analysis of the new changes in American democracy. First of all, this paper discusses the concept and characteristics of American democracy. Secondly, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of the changes of contemporary American democracy and its influence on American democracy. Finally, this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures to the new development and changes of contemporary American democracy in order to better promote the development of American democracy and maintain the peaceful, harmonious and orderly development of the world.


American democratic thought, American democracy, U, S, Foreign policy