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Study on the Yao Ethnic Group's “Song of Nationality” and Ethnicity Identity in Nanling Corridor Yao

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.039


Tianhui Zhang, Qiaowei Li

Corresponding Author

Tianhui Zhang


The folk songs of the Yao nationality in the Nanling Corridor Yao are folk songs sung by the Yao people when they are producing and working in the mountains. The lyrics of the Yao folk songs in the Nanling Corridor Yao mainly have two forms: free form and seven-word four-sentence form. “Ethnic tune” refers to the representative national characteristic tune in the tones of folk songs. Its formation is bound to be approved (identified) by the public through the way of music transmission. The method of communication is in addition to the original tune. In addition to direct delivery (folk song-to-song activities), more needs to pass through the necessary artistic processing (that is, adaptation creation) to achieve the purpose of widespread popularization. The series of music narratives constructed through “ethnic singing” regain Nanling the cultural identity and historical memory of the Yao ethnic group in the corridor. Although the Nans in the Nanling Corridor Yao face the disadvantage of being assimilated and modernized, the power of the musical narrative and ethnic cultural identity metaphorized by the Yao ethnicity in the Nanling Corridor Yao is huge. , Permanent, and presents a distinct cultural consciousness in the context of its long-term social and historical development, and is also a modern expression of the traditional culture of the Yao tribe in the Nanling Corridor Yao.


Yao ethnic group, Song of nationality, Ethnic identify