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A Probe into the Coordinated Development Path of Chinese Martial Arts in the Process of Modernization

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.027


Xiaoran Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiaoran Wei


Chinese martial arts is an organic part of Chinese civilization, as a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, it bears the burden of fitness and health for the whole nation and is a prominent symbol of human sports culture throughout, as the Chinese martial arts has rich national culture, which has a strong national history and culture, and also integrates fitness, health, competition, fighting, leisure and entertainment. It has high value of spiritual function and cultural value. Based on the perspective of Chinese martial arts modernization, this paper explores the development of Chinese martial arts innovation coordination, sorting out the existing problems in the development of Chinese martial arts projects, and the difficulties as well as challenges encountered by the Chinese martial arts in the prevailing context of the Western sports, which seeks to be in the context of sports modernization, a new path for the sustainable development of Chinese martial arts.


Chinese martial arts, Modernization, Innovation, Coordinated development