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Research on Strategies of Strengthen Cultural Confidence in Chinese National Vocal Musical Works

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.021


Xuejun Zang, Xingyi Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuejun Zang


National vocal musical works contain ancient national culture and art crystals. As a product of cultural accumulation, they fully reflect the national cultural form, and their own connotations are more unique and rich. Cultural confidence is both a cultural idea and a guiding ideology. Strengthening cultural confidence is a new path for the development of Chinese national vocal musical works. Based on relevant theories and referring to previous research results, this paper proposes a firm cultural confidence strategy for Chinese national vocal musical works: establishing the correct "cultural confidence" concept of national vocal music, establishing the "cultural confidence" of national vocals in comparison, In cultural development, it demonstrates "cultural confidence", integrates excellent traditional culture of the country and firmly "cultural confidence", and national vocal art education promotes college students' "cultural confidence".


National vocal musical works, cultural confidence, strategies, cultural diversity