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Artistic Behavior and the Inheritance of the Aesthetic Consciousness of the Dance in the Han Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.020


Haiyan HAO

Corresponding Author

Haiyan HAO


During the Han Dynasty, the national strength was super strong, the political stability, the economy and culture developed, the dance art development flourished. In Han Dynasty, the beauty of dance form was brought into play to the extreme of the times, hidden from historical documents of Han Dynasty and unearthed portraits of Han Dynasty, and the characteristics of aesthetic artistic behavior were not uncommon. This paper discusses its morphological characteristics from the perspective of micro dance posture. The author thinks that his dance posture is not only representative significance in Han Dynasty dance, but also a corner that can not be ignored in the reconstruction of Han Dynasty music and dance. The study of the cultural form and artistic form of aesthetic art behavior is only a small part of the rich dance art of Han Dynasty. The study of dance posture in Han Dynasty dance should also have a broader field of vision and pass on its essence to the world.


Han Dynasty dance, aesthetic consciousness, artistic behavior, inheritance