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Research on the Application of Narrative Medicine in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.016


Shuang Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuang Wang


Teaching design is important for college English teaching, which directly affects the quality of college English teaching. Through teaching design, students' learning initiative and teaching effect can be improved. “narration” is a phenomenon within the scope of language. Here, it is a “metaphor”, a way of understanding the world in parallel with rational science, an embodiment of philosophy, and many problems in the modern world stem from alienation and forgetting. By analyzing the current situation of narrative medicine and comparing the differences between domestic and foreign narrative medicine, this paper further explores the ways to cultivate the ability of narrative medicine in china. It also puts forward the dialectical relationship and the idea of integration between narrative medicine and college English teaching in order to improve the professional quality of medical students, effectively ease the doctor-patient relationship and reduce doctor-patient disputes.


Narrative Medicine, College English Teaching, Professional Quality